How to Find a Cheap Second-Hand Car?

Have you decided to avoid the debt and save up some money to buy a second hand car? I’m sure you want a car that is cheap, but at the same time reliable and won’t break down in the middle of nowhere or embarrass you in front of your friends. Independent car dealers say that there are many diamonds out in the rough you just need to find them, polish them a bit and they’re as good as new.

If you know how to use the internet, you’ve just hit the car jackpot because your options over the internet are endless there are over a million used cars and car dealers to choose from over the internet. These cars just need some minor denting painting and some minor engine work and they’re good to go.

Here are some tips on how to buy a second car, but make sure it’s in a reliable condition:

Have expectations: don’t make up your mind expecting the least, when seeking a car make sure that you’re expecting to search a diamond in the dust , even look at old cars sometimes the older ones are in the best conditions.

Look in the right places

Filter the right places, make sure you’re using the internet because in today’s day and age the internet is the best place to search for used cars, you can even filter your options to your preference and needs. You can search for cars near to your house, you can check history of the car you like and you can even find pictures. F1 Autos also has a wide range of per-owned cars available, that can be found on our website, all the specifics of these cars are mentioned next to them.

Consider parallel imports

Parallel imports provide you a range of rare cars in very affordable prices, as these cars have undergone inspections they are often reliable, you can even find luxury cars in less prices compared to dealers, Bentley parallel imports are available even though dealers are unable to provide such luxury cars but through parallel imports they can be found easily. Bentley Parallel Import are efficient, advanced and innovative but they’re likely to be out of your budget at this moment, however, you can choose from other parallel imports.


Understand the rule: 10 years/100,000 miles

If you want to save some money look for car that are 10 years old and have run 100,000 miles this may sound like way too much but this vehicle can easily survive for another 10 years without causing you too many problems, you can easily save approx $1000-$3000 if you follow this, however, ensure not to go for cars that have gone beyond 100,000 miles in 10 years because these cars have used up their life and will cause you problems.


Consumer reports are important

Check consumer reports to see if the car is reliable, the annual consumer report auto reliability survey is a highly reliable survey, these are released every year and can provide excellent reviews on the newer models, these surveys also provide reviews and surveys on used models, they will in detail tell you what troubles these cars cause and what there positive sides are.

Inspections are Important

Hire a mechanic to undergo a thorough inspection on the car, this is an extremely important rule, it is as important as the test drive. Make sure you get a mechanic to check the car inside and out. Thr cars engine is something that can’t be seen by the bare eyes or by an amateur only professionals  can point out any issues in the engine and in the internal surroundings of the car. This inspection can also save you money on repairs and insurance and this is why it is important to carry it out.


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