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When we created the very first Bentley Bentayga, it was intended to redefine and reshape the world of luxury SUVs. And, three years later, Bentayga Hybrid* has done it again. As the first luxury hybrid, it represents only the beginning of our journey into a world of electrically powered vehicles – and a bold, progressive move for Bentley.

Over the coming months we will reveal more about the forward-thinking technology and exceptional craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of Bentayga Hybrid. And we’ll be telling you more about the work we’ve done with Philippe Starck.


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Paying homage to the material and the role it plays in the creation of a hybrid-electric car, Bentley has incorporated copper coloured features – including the three Hybrid badges written in an elegant handwritten script, the roundels of the Bentley badges and the wheel centres. In another subtle identifying feature, the word ‘Hybrid’ appears on each treadplate.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be providing more detail on the features that make Bentayga Hybrid* such an important step forward for the luxury car.


Bentayga Hybrid’s interior provides the same luxury and refinement for which Bentley is renowned. Combined with its quieter powertrain the Hybrid provides a serene escape from the outside world.

With its interior handcrafted in Crewe, including wooden veneers that have been carefully selected, cut and matched, every detail has been intricately designed for exceptional comfort. The upper cabin is trimmed in Eliade, a tactile and technical fabric which contrasts with the rest of the leather-trimmed cabin.

With elegant fluted seats and tactile driver controls with a diamond-knurling finish, the timeless sophistication of Bentley runs through every inch of the car. From monogrammed upholstery to the design of truly bespoke features, there are a wide range of personalisation options available from both Bentley and Mulliner – meaning Bentayga Hybrid* is yours to reimagine. When it comes to creating your perfect Bentley, nothing is beyond possibility.

Intelligence that is connected
Connected Car technology lies at the heart of Bentayga Hybrid, and is built around a suite of Safe, Smart and Convenient online functionalities that connect the driver seamlessly to the internet. This enhances the experience of both the driver and their passengers.



Bentley has partnered with the renowned creator, Philippe Starck, to design the Bentley x Starck Power Dock.This elegant recharging unit, designed for use in either a garage or a carport, will enable Bentayga Hybrid drivers to recharge their vehicle whenever they park it at home, ensuring every journey begins with the maximum electric-only range.

When not in use, the Bentley x Starck Power Dock charging cable is stored out of sight, inside the unit. Its clean lines have been achieved using a combination of innovative manufacturing technologies and sustainable materials, including pressed eco-linen and bio-sourced thermosetting resin. It’s smooth, domed face, meanwhile, is achieved using hot-pressure aluminium casting.

As the popularity of electric vehicles grows, charging units will become commonplace features in homes everywhere. All the more reason to apply the very highest standards of design and attention to detail – standards that befit the world’s most finely crafted electric SUV.

You can learn more about Bentley’s collaboration with Philippe Starck here.


Bentayga Hybrid is more than just a new engine option for Bentayga. It represents the latest step in the introduction of a suite of Bentley technologies that will transform the driving experience.

Designed to deliver a serene drive in the city, paired with exhilarating performance on the open road, Bentayga Hybrid is the first SUV of its kind. And the innovation is not limited to the powertrain. This is a connected car that employs a wealth of online services to deliver a safer and more convenient driving experience. These features include everything from Apple CarPlay™ and intelligent navigation, maximising the use of electric power, to Private eCall and Roadside Assistance Call, for greater peace of mind on long and short journeys.

You can activate the cabin temperature remotely via the My Bentley app, ensuring conditions inside the car are comfortable from the moment you get in. Remote charging functionality is also available in the app, with progress displayed on your phone as well as the central console, enabling you to ensure the car is fully charged and ready to go.


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